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Project Description

EL Poster/ EL Animation Poster/EL Advertising Poster

Item No.: EL-2 Size: 105x75cm
EL Poster is a revolution for indoor displays. EL lights bring life to your projects & advertising. The lights can be programmed to light in any order. The programmable lights allow any animation effect. Easy to install and maintain. Plug and play.

What is EL, and how does it work? 
EL, or electroluminescent signage, is essentially a flat light bulb sandwich consisting of layers of conductive and non-conductive plastic and a layer of phosphor. With laminated phosphor between two conductive layers, as a voltage is applied between the two conductive layers or electrodes, the phosphor emits light energy. When a high-quality, high-resolution image prints over the light, it behaves like a backlit sign.

Do you want a unique way to make effective impression advertising? 
You have a great idea, but what if it gets lost in the clutter?
Are you looking for a unique way to cut through the clutter of posters and advertising signage that numb and congest your audiences’ receptiveness to your message?
Then grab your audience by printing your message on a thin, durable and lightweight print medium that not only lights up like a fluorescent backlit sign but also provides eye-catching animation effects, similar to neon but far more dramatic and realistic because it works within a high-resolution image.


  • Super thin, only 1.8-2MM thin thickness.
  • High quality light panel. Uniform light source.
  • Customized design available.
  • Qty no restriction.
  • Vivid advertising & promotion solution.
  • Indoor & outdoor optional.
  • Unique Advertising & promotion design.
  • Certification as ISO-9001, CE, FCC.
EL Poster Applications:

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Shops,
  • Cinemas,
  • Shopping malls,
  • Pubs,
  • Bars,
  • Exhibitions,
  • Streets,
  • Bus Shelter
  • Building surfaces Billboard size.
  • Activities
  • New Product Launch
  • New Brand Launch
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