EL Gift Items with Different designs:

EL panel or EL wire application on the products, which makes the product more creative & attractive & shinning, catching people’s eyes immediately.

EL Gift Features & Characteristics:

  • Creative Design
  • Shining & attractive & lively
  • Low cost
  • Brand activity Good effect
  • Party or Activity more impressive
  • Can be customized logo & design with qty

1, EL T-shirt: EL panel sewed on T-shirt. (or with magic stick on T-shirt optional according to clients’ requirement)

Customized EL T-shirt & EL Cap

EL T-shirt & EL Cap

2, EL cap: EL panel sewed on cap. (or with magic stick on cap optional according to clients’ requirement)

3, EL wrist: EL wrist ( or EL bracelet) which makes the normal wrist (bracelet) more attractive & shinning & lively, can be customized logo & design.

EL wrist gift

EL wrist

4, EL tie: EL wire Tie or EL panel Tie or bowtie optional.

EL tie & EL wire tie

EL tie & EL wire tie

5, EL mask: EL sound activated equalizer mask or EL wire masks for your choices. With single color or double colors for choices.

EL wire mask for party or Halloween

EL wire mask with different designs of different colors

EL wire mask of different designs

EL wire mask of different designs

6, EL glasses: normal Rayban glasses or window shadows designs.

EL glasses for gift of promotion event

EL glasses for gift or promotion event

EL Gift Items Application:

  • Gift & Promotion
  • Event Activities
  • Party
  • Pubs/Bars
  • Halloween Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Brand Advertising & Promotion

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