LED Magic Mirror in Europe

///LED Magic Mirror in Europe
  • LED magic mirror installed in Europe
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Project Description

Item Name: LED Magic Mirror in Europe

LED magic mirror Applications:
Bars, Health Clubs, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Retail Locations, Vending Machines, Phone Booths, Toilet room, Airports, Elevators
Magic Mirror: an advertising picture when lights turn on, when people approaching, the sensor detects the movement, and will change to a mirror. Or when light is on, you will see it change into a mirror. Also, when people are approaching, sensor detection will change to the poster to make any effect. (2 options: advertising poster to mirror effect, or mirror to advertising effect)
Size: Standard A1, A2, A3, A4 size including the below sizes:
580x680mm, 1100x400mm, 800x820mm, etc. Customized sizes are available with qty.

The magic mirror is the new advertising concept and medium display.
It transforms any ordinary mirror into a bright full-color display advertisement.
Motion sensor detects the object approaching the mirror and displays a backlit full color advertisement.

Certification as ISO-9001, CE, FC.

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