LED Ultra Thin Light Box LB-4

///LED Ultra Thin Light Box LB-4
  • Ultra thin light box with LED scrolling message LB-4
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Project Description

LED Ultra Thin Light Box

Item No.: Besda LB-4  LED Slim Light Box A1 Size, with LED scrolling message board to display the advertising title information. The information can be changed to meet customers’ needs.
Standard size A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 or customized size is available with qty.

LED Advertising Light Box Description:
Unique new advertising concept medium, with LED backlight panels;
Low heat generation, low power consumption, and long lamp life span;
Slim thickness;
Screw lock or flip-flop design optional;
Easy to change the inside advertising poster;
Single or double side optional;
LED lighting sources;
2years warranty.
Standard 100% backlight ultra thin light box & customized animation light box optional.

Indoor usage, LED Ultra Thin light box, Advertising Light Box, Photo frames.


  • Advertising & promotion
  • Movie promotion
  • Brand advertising
  • New products Launch
  • Bars, pubs, shops, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, cafes, hotels, halls, elevators, etc.


  • On wall
  • On desk
  • With Stand
  • Hanging on ceiling
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