Transparent LCD Fridge TLD-1

///Transparent LCD Fridge TLD-1
  • Transparent LCD Display, Transparent monitor
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Project Description

Transparent LCD Door Fridge 

Touch optional
Transparent Video Display: The inside exhibit can be seen while the pictures or videos are displayed.
It will strength customer’s experience on product brand with the combination of dynamic information and the actual product display.

As an innovative technology, Transparent LCD provides a brand new idea on displays.
The combination of digital image/video with virtual images turns into a perfect way of promoting your products.

Besda transparent video display provides a wide range on size and functional options.

Size 12.1” to 46″ are currently available and solutions such as simple plug-and-play and multi-touch screens are achievable with us.

Transparent LCD Door Fridge size: 24inch, 42inch, 46inch,65inch

1. Transparent LCD display
2. Flexible size and customization
3. Support Transparent video and picture display
4. Colorful
5. Commodity behind video
6. Show Your brand vivid
Transparent LCD Display: The inside exhibit can be seen while the pictures or videos are displayed.

The customer experience of your product brand with a combination of dynamic information and actual product display is strong with this product.

Surface Structure: Acrylic cover
Dimensions: 12.1”, 19” , 22’’, 32”, 42”, 46’’, 50”, 65”
Compatible formats: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MP3, AVI, JPEG
Storage type: CF card/SD card /USB
Specification of LCD Panel
Resolutions: 800*480, 1280*1024, 1680 * 1050, 1920 * 1080, and 1366* 768
Viewable angle (L/R/U/D): 50/50/35/50
Brightness: 300cd/m2
Contrast: 300:1Audio
Output Speaker: 2Wx2 (optional)
Power: DC12V/4A
Power consumption: 24WOSD
Language: Multi-languages
Play mode: Accessories User manual x 1pc, Remote control x 1pc,
Power adapter x 1pc The video file could be set as single play.
Loop and played sequentially, rolling text (optional), and Instant messages are send able.

Transparent Door LCD Display Applications:

  • Shops
  • Cinemas
  • Supermarkets
  • Groceries
  • New Product Launch (Beer, wine, drink)
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