EL poster

EL Advertising Poster

The Electroluminescent (EL) Poster is a necessity for your outdoor billboard or indoor poster. The EL Animation Poster and EL Advertising Poster is an enchanting inclusion for any business serious about advertising.

EL Poster is an insurgency for indoor presentations. EL lights convey life for your business tasks. The lights can be customized to light in any situation. The enhanced features of the lights give consideration for a lively advertisement impact. Comes with simple installation and easy upkeep here are some other features.

• For indoor/outdoor use.
• Easy installation.
• Easy to maintain.
• Super thin, with only 1.8-2mm thickness.
• Excellent advertising & promotion.
• Make your advertising more vivid. Easily attracts attention.
• Animation effect.
• High quality light panel. Uniform light source.
• Certification.

EL Advertising Poster

This EL Advertising Poster is an extraordinary blue iridescent innovation is a A super thin board, super light weight with uniform lighting effects. The glowing media printing can be altered to bring to life any notice. Blue Radiant (EL) utilizes gadgets that change over electrical vitality into light or iridescence (EL) by applying AC /DC voltage crosswise over anodes. A natural phosphor with shaded overlays is sandwiched between two conduits; and when the electric current is connected, it quickly charges phosphor gems, which emanates obvious light.

This is better than a flashing LED panel and used for the purpose of procuring promotions. Your clients will not miss this elaborate showcase. You will communicate, your advertisement ideas, as the need should arise. Get in touch with us to see what we can accomplish for you.

There is no better wellspring of light to advertise presentations or notices than electroluminescence. As opposed to sparkling lights on a commercial, EL permits the architect to enlighten it from the back to front. Since EL is a delicate, cool light it can be utilized to backdrop illumination presentations and ads without unforgiving glares and shadows.

Rather than utilizing glaring fluorescent lights or costly neon globules to make your signs light up, a planner can utilize a tender light transmitting from adaptable EL Advertising Poster boards. By including enlivened movement with glimmering or stacked components, an architect can force a shopper to take a gander at a promotion and ingest the message quickly.

EL Advertising Animation Poster

Snatch your gathering of admiring prospective clients by printing your message on a, tough and lightweight EL board that lights up a sign as well as gives eye-getting movements. The EL Advertising animation poster will influence your business significantly.

The artistic representation is composed and isolated into a few distinctive areas. The EL Advertising Animation Poster can be lit up independently from each other. The message can be programmed and grouped into segments to give an enlivened impact. As we professionally glimmer and or blur the phosphor light in each of the segments in and out to make the impression of development inside a static printed picture.

An EL signage can fulfill all your needs as a super superior conventional lightbox. Whether you have your own configuration at the top of the priority list or might want us to make one. You need to see the EL Advertising Poster to genuinely value it. Solicit to see some from our work we can be found at www.besda.net.

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