Liquid Flooring Tile

///Liquid Flooring Tile

Liquid Flooring Tile

Liquid Lighting Flooring Tile & Liquid Lighting Meeting Room Table.

Liquid Lighting Box/Liquid Lighting Flooring Tile:

LED Light Box+Poster+Liquid lighting on top

Liquid lighting flooring tile light box

Besda Liquid Lighting Flooring Tile light box


  • Lighting box with liquid
  • Liquid material: eatable, environmental.
  • Waterproof & Anti-slip top & unbreakable
  • Advertising & entertainment
  • Long time span
  • Can be customized size

1, Size: 60x60x3cm
Maximum size: 90x122cm
Thickness: 3cm
Can be customized
2, Liquid material: Edible Food additives, safety & environmental
3, Liquid Color: 15colors choices optional
4, Light Box top material: Rubber sheet, Non-slip´╝î Anti-rupture, water-proof, unbreakable.
5, Lifespan: LED 2-3years, (50000hours)
6, Warranty: 2years.
7, Poster logo can be customized.
8, Application:
Bars, pubs, theatres, cinemas, KTVs, etc.

Liquid Lighting Meeting Room Table

Liquid lighting meeting room table

Besda Liquid Lighting Meeting Room Table

Liquid Meeting Table: Liquid material +rubber sheet on top, non-slip, anti-rupture, waterproof.
Table stand can buy locally, large size & small size optional.

Poster logo can be customized.
Showroom, meeting room, exhibition, etc.
Liquid Colors for choices :

Liquid lighting flooring tile color choices

Besda Liquid Lighting Flooring Tile color options

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