Interactive Projection Display Q & A

///Interactive Projection Display Q & A

Interactive Projection Display Q & A

Interactive Projection Wall & Floor Display System

Interactive projection display with Floor Display & Wall Display which depends on the projector installation location.

interactive projection display system, interactive projection floor system

Interactive projection display floor system, interactive projection display system

interactive projection display system

Interactive projection display wall system, interactive projection display system

Interactive Projection Display Questions & Answers:

1, How big is the floor screen? Does it need a floor screen or just a white floor?
——Size for the Floor screen depends on the distance of the projector installation. It does not need any screen, only white floor or plain wall is ok. If you need floor screen, then projector should install on the ceiling; if need wall screen, then the projector should install on the other side of the wall to be 180 degree.
Display size: Depends on the distance of the projector & floor. The higher the projector is, the larger size the floor screen can get. Normally when with 5m distance, the display size can meet 150inch. But different projector with different ratio, normally will be 4:3 or 16:9. So, for example, projector 4:3, largest screen size: 200inch(5m) so largest size is 5×3.7m.
2, How bright is the projector (lumens)?
——Projector requires at least 3000lumin. Can be any projector, but will suggest to use Epson, Benq or Sharp. Sometimes we suggest customer to buy BENQ LCD 3500lumin, just for your reference. Projector can buy locally, no need to buy from us, as shipping cost high.
3, How far of a distance does the projector need to be mounted to ceiling?
——Kindly see reply point 1. It depends on the screen size you need, you can adjust the distance.
4, What is the projected graphic and can it be customized with our images? Do we customize the graphics or do you?
——————Graphic images can be customized, you can change them from your computer main frame or laptop. Normally the logos can be customized & change and change again and again.
5, What is the software used and is it included with the cost of the projector?
————Interactive software system we will provide. Including 130effects, and will provide the system download link, USB dongle, IR camera & bracket, 5m USB cable for IR camera. (Price pls send mail to confirm) Projector & computer suggest to buy locally as shipping cost high, no need to buy from China side.
6, What is the resolution on the Projection display?
—————Normally projector standard ratio 4:3 or 16:9 optional, resolution depends on the projector brand and item NO.
7, What is the size and weight of the projector unit?
————Will be around 1KG for the software system.
8, What is the cost of the projector and any required accessories and/ or software?
————As you have read above answers, we suggest you to buy computer & projector locally, as even buy from us, price not having advantage, and also with high shipping cost which is not reasonable. The cables & IR camera we will provide as you should have read in above points. All you need to have is buying computer main frame & projector and with our User’s Manual you can install it well. (Price pls confirm with mail
9, What is the cost for customizing the software/images?
—————Standard 130effects for software with be our standard price (pls confirm by mail). Customized software will need to see exactly your project, will talk in details when you provide more information and will have our engineer calculate then quote accordingly.
10, What is the lead time to get 1 unit?
————Interactive software system lead time within 4days upon 100% payment reached our account.
11, What is the difference between IPS-1 and IPS-2?
—————IPS-1 is floor screen while IPS-2 is wall screen, they are the same, only difference is one is projector installed in ceiling and screen will be on floor, and normally people use foot to play the games, while IPS-2 is wall screen and the projector is installed on the opposite wall, and people use hand to make interactive effect with the wall screen games.
12, Can you also send us a video or our units working?
——— the video is around 26-30MB, too large, cannot send by mail easily, kindly visit our facebook, twitter or youtube account to watch. Or if possible kindly leave your what’sapp or Skype, we will send you then.
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