Liquid LED Light Box also called LED Flooring Tile, Liquid LED Floor Light Box.

LED Liquid Light Box Features:

  • with liquid on top of the light box
  • Non-broken, release the strikeĀ from people on the top, better protect the product
  • Colorful, amazing effect on floor
  • Multi-function

1, Multi-function Programmer for Liquid Light Box: With control box to control a group with 2pcs above set.

  • On/Off function
  • Sequence lighting
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Radam lighting
Liquid flooring tile

Liquid LED light box in group working

Liquid flooring tile light box

Liquid LED light box flooring tile 4pcs in 1group

2, Liquid LED Flooring Light Box Characteristics:

A, Colors Optional: Totally 15colors for your choices

Liquid lighting flooring tile color choices

Besda Liquid Lighting Flooring Tile color options

B, Customized logo: you can customized your own logo poster in the light box set up from our factory.

Liquid LED light box flooring tile 4pcs in 1group

Liquid LED light Box 4pcs in one group

C, Attractive effect

Compared to traditional light box or LED light box, this is with liquid, multi colors, more fancinating effect, sharply catch people’s eyes from crowds immediately.

D, Application:

  • Showroom
  • Exhibition
  • Fashion show flooring tile
  • Event Flooring Decoration
  • Meeting Room
  • etc

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