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EL Gift Items

EL Gift Items with Different designs: EL panel or EL wire application on the products, which makes the product more creative & attractive & shinning, catching people's eyes immediately. EL Gift Features & Characteristics: Creative Design Shining & attractive & lively Low cost Brand activity Good effect Party or Activity more impressive Can be customized logo [...]

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EL Tape

I, EL tape can be POWO/BOWO, can be standard normal one  or waterproof one: 1, Normal EL tape: EL tape 4cmx10m packed in roll EL tape 4cmx10m with control box 2, EL tape waterproof: EL tape waterproof, width & length can be customized II,EL Tape can [...]

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EL Products

1, EL poster Electroluminiscent animation poster or panel, with customized logo, size & design, very flexible, and with very thin material & outlook, warmly welcomed by clients all over the world. EL Billboard, EL Poster, EL Advertising Poster, EL animation poster 2, EL T-Shirt EL panel sewed on T-shirt, with animation effect, [...]

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EL Poster Introduction

EL Advertising Poster The Electroluminescent (EL) Poster is a necessity for your outdoor billboard or indoor poster. The EL Animation Poster and EL Advertising Poster is an enchanting inclusion for any business serious about advertising. EL Poster is an insurgency for indoor presentations. EL lights convey life for your business tasks. The [...]

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