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Vacuum Forming Light Box Production Process

Vacuum Forming Light Box Production Process Video in workshop: https://youtu.be/19p4klgFcpI Vacuum Forming Light Box can be outdoor usage, double sided, waterproof, warmly welcomed for brand sign advertising & promotion, will be usually seen in front of bank, chain shops, supermarkets, etc. As Vacuum forming light box with different shapes mentioned in last post: rectangle, square, [...]

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Liquid LED Light Box with Multi Functions

Liquid LED Light Box also called LED Flooring Tile, Liquid LED Floor Light Box. LED Liquid Light Box Features: with liquid on top of the light box Non-broken, release the strike from people on the top, better protect the product Colorful, amazing effect on floor Multi-function 1, Multi-function Programmer for Liquid Light Box: With [...]

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Vacuum Forming Light Box Designs

Vacuum Forming Light Box also called outdoor waterproof plexi-acrylic light box, double sides, outdoor usage, with LED lighting or  tube lighting optional, normally we suggest LED lighting as lifespan 5years, long lifespan, and easy maintenance. 1, Vacuum Forming Light Box with various kinds Shapes: Round Shape LED Vacuum Forming Light Box, waterproof outdoor light [...]

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