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Promotion Item Thermometer & Hygrometer

Super Promotion & Gift Items--Thermometer & Hygrometer Thermometer, Hygrometer & Timer are very good promotion & gift items as with below reasons: 1, Practical & indoor usage (home, office, meeting room, etc). 2, Very low cost for brand advertising, promotion. 3, Can be customized logo & packing, better for brand, event &  activity advertising & [...]

Promotion Item Thermometer & Hygrometer2020-08-21T20:44:39+08:00

EL Products

1, EL poster Electroluminiscent animation poster or panel, with customized logo, size & design, very flexible, and with very thin material & outlook, warmly welcomed by clients all over the world. EL Billboard, EL Poster, EL Advertising Poster, EL animation poster 2, EL T-Shirt EL panel sewed on T-shirt, with animation effect, [...]

EL Products2020-08-21T20:45:18+08:00

Interactive Projection Display Q & A

Interactive Projection Wall & Floor Display SystemInteractive projection display with Floor Display & Wall Display which depends on the projector installation location. Interactive projection display floor system, interactive projection display system Interactive projection display wall system, interactive projection display system Interactive Projection Display Questions & Answers:1, How big is the floor screen? Does it [...]

Interactive Projection Display Q & A2020-08-21T20:47:21+08:00

Liquid Flooring Tile

Liquid Lighting Flooring Tile & Liquid Lighting Meeting Room Table.Liquid Lighting Box/Liquid Lighting Flooring Tile:LED Light Box+Poster+Liquid lighting on top Besda Liquid Lighting Flooring Tile light box Features:Lighting box with liquidLiquid material: eatable, environmental.Waterproof & Anti-slip top & unbreakableAdvertising & entertainmentLong time spanCan be customized sizeSpecifications:1, Size: 60x60x3cmMaximum size: 90x122cmThickness: 3cmCan be customized2, Liquid material: [...]

Liquid Flooring Tile2020-08-21T20:49:52+08:00

Beach Flag Introduction

Beach Flag Introduction Besda Beach flag waterdrop flag with black strip pole holder The beach flag-flying banner can be used as an advertising banner and sometimes called a feather banner or waterdrop flag or flag banner.The beach flag is normally used for safety reasons, and lifeguards use beach flags when they are no long on [...]

Beach Flag Introduction2020-08-21T20:52:13+08:00

EL Poster Introduction

EL Advertising Poster The Electroluminescent (EL) Poster is a necessity for your outdoor billboard or indoor poster. The EL Animation Poster and EL Advertising Poster is an enchanting inclusion for any business serious about advertising. EL Poster is an insurgency for indoor presentations. EL lights convey life for your business tasks. The [...]

EL Poster Introduction2020-08-21T20:53:17+08:00
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